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Corravale's beautiful head
corravale stud stallion
Corravale (Coriano Z x Landlord)
corravale jumping
Corravale loose jumping
Corravale (Coriano Z x Landlord)
corravale 2012
Corravale's athleticism
corravale in 2012
Corravale's Athleticism
Corravale's head
corravale canter
Corravale canter
CORRAVALE (Coriano Z x Landlord)
corraval 2012
Corravale kind & gentle

Holsteiner Verband, AES & Breeders Elite licensed Stallion 

Sire of the Futurity 2007 National yearling champion & Sire of 2009 yearling Champion as featured on front cover of Welsh Rider November 2009. 

170 cm, 16:3hh, Chestnut (2001)

STUD FEE: £500


The Anglo European Studbook  & Breeders Elite Holstein stallion CORRAVALE is a product some of the World’ best Show jumping bloodlines.

He is sired by Europe’s number 1 stallion, CORIANO, formerly owned by the Holsteiner Verband and now owned by Zangershiede Stud and suffixed with the world fampus “Z” Brand and has the absolute proven cross of COR DE LA BRYERE and CAPITOL I.

His talent was phenomenal: loose jumping over 1.60M with ease as a youngster, licensed as a 4 year old. He was a dream to train and took to riding fabulously, however a very tragic accident ended his chance to compete, but his progeny are doing that for him. CORRAVALE has just the most adorable temperament and his willingness to please and kind nature is passed onto all his stock.

With his impeccable breeding and possessing a combination of outstanding raw talent, conformation, looks and paces, his progeny really shining bright.

Below: Greenvale Carnival by CORRAVALE

Below: Greenvale cardinal yearling by CORRAVALE

About his Bloodlines

  • Coriano Z
  • Corrado I
  • Option
  • Cordelabryere
  • Soleil
  • Lord
  • Golda
  • Doretta II
  • Landlord
  • Tira
  • Landgraf I
  • Girane
  • Landego
  • Lorette
  • Sire Line

    CORIANO Z completed his stallion performance test with a rating of class 1, having achieved many scores of ten for character, performance ability and predisposition for jumping.

    He won classes at all levels in Germany and as a 6 year old was champion of the Federal German Riding horse championships. He went to international success under Bo Kristoffersen and won the CSIO in Sweden in 1997.

    CORIANO Z is famous for producing easily trainable horses and his stock fetch top prices at most auctions: one daughter fetched 200,000 Euros in 2001 and one of his sons fetched 180,000 Euros in 2002. Although owned by the Holsteiner Verband, CORIANO is now leased to studbook Zangersheide and is their most important and accomplished sire.

    According to a more recent study CORIANO Z is the #1-ranked sire in the German state of Sleswig-Holstein. To be ranked as the best is an amazing achievement and proves that CORRAVALE does possess the best breeding available.

    CORRADO I was competed very successfully internationally by Bo Kristoffersen and the great Franke Sloothaak.

    He won the biggest show in the world, Aachen, setting the stage for his showjumping career, in which he won may Grand Pix’s, World Cups and Nations Cups.

    His wins all over Europe set him apart from all the other jumper sires, in 1994 he won the German National Championships and in 1996 he won the World Cup. CORRADO I has sired 60 approved stallions, 111 approved daughters, many of his offspring are competing at International Grand Prix level.

    COR DE LA BRYERE (sire of CORRADO I) is respected as one of only a few elite stallions to produce such rideable horses for all Olympic disciplines. Add to this the level headedness of the CAPITOL line and it is no wonder that CORRAVALE has inherited such talent!

    OPTION, CORIANO’s dam is the mother of the A level jumping mare VALSKA II, who is dam of the approved Holstein stallion COROFINO.

    Her sire LORD is rated as one of the best sires of international horses in the 90’s. He was a very skillful show jumper himself and sired 48 approved stallions and over 30 international horses including LIVIUS, team Bronze winner at 1984 Olympics, FREESTYLE, winner of 1995 Aachen Grand Prix and many others.

    He is also ranked as 13th best Dressage sire by the WBFSH.


    DORETTA III is also impeccably bred, being by the great LANDLORD. He is considered, in Germany, to be the best stallion carrying on the blood of LANDGRAF I.

    The mare line is by the great LANDEGO; Rodrigo Pessoa’s famous horse GANDINI was a cross of LANDLORD and LANDEGO too and won many World Cups. LANDLORD’s sire is the world famous LANDGRAF I.

    He is in the worlds list of top ten jumping sires of International horses, and is probably one of the most proliferous sport horse generator in post-war history, with 113 progeny jumping at S-level and 26 in the WBCSH rankings, and this list grows every year. His daughters have also proved their value by producing some of the world’s best horses.

    CORRAVALE: Progeny Success Stories

    LUCKY FOR SOME: BEF Foal & Yearling overall National Showjumping Champion

    GREENVALE CARNIVAL: Winning at Foxhunter, was BEF Showjumping winner in Wales as a yearling

    GREENVALE CARDINAL: Very Successful & Promising young Eventer

    GREENVALE CARA: 2017 winning Foxhunter championships

    TYSHONJACOB DUTCHVALE: Overall Working Hunter National Champion

    TRESAIS CHEROKEE: Multi In Hand Hunter Champion and now competing at Foxhunter

    GREENVALE QUICK C: Successful young Eventer

    GREENVALE CORDET: Jumping Foxhunter and showing great promise

    GREENVALE CORIADO: Very successful up & coming Eventer

    CORRAVALES EXTROVERT: Successful Eventer and now Showjumping

    Greenvale Cardinal by CORRAVALE
    Greenvale Carnival BEF winner by CORRAVALE
    Corravales Extrovert by CORRAVALE
    Lucky for some BEF Champ by CORRAVALE
    Tyshonjacob Dutchvale by CORRAVALE
    Greenvale Chikara by CORRAVALE

    Other Progeny:

    Verity, Valentine, Tyshonjacob Ginger Flake, Trifec Alexis, Tresiaur Corazon, Resais Cleehill, Tresais Cappuchino, Rosetia Red, Ribera, Orlando Star, Oneida Royale, Oneida Patch, Oneida O’Riley, Oneida Maggie May, Oneida Clover Leaf, Oneida Ballymore, Northern Tall order, Miss Scarlett, Marlbrook Sweet Briar, Marlbrook Midnight Breeze, Marlbrook Lorretamae, Marlbrook Coromae, Llanthony Kiaroa, Greenvale Coromax, Greenvale Cordino, Greenvale Compassion, Greenvale Chikara, Greenvale Carnival Passion, Greenvale Callulah, Feliod Rising Sun, Cosmopolitan, Corvette, Corrin, Corrievale, Corravan, Corravale Breeze, Corinna K, Coriana, Corcoran Rock, Coral Reef, Coco Chanel, Cobra Vital, Castano, Carousel, Caldo Spice, Calcourt Corralino, Calcourt Corona, Calcourt Carina, Calcourt Bridal Vale, Bourree, Bizzy Izzy & Allandy Belladonna to date February 2017.

    For CORRAVALE progeny for sale, please visit our Horses for sale page or visit us on facebook