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Livery Costs


£25.00 Per week ( use of Livery horse fields & facilities)

    • Turnout or Bring in / Hay / Water£5.00 per week (once a day)
    • Full Livery (Holiday cover)£5.00 a day
    • FeedingFree of charge if feeds are left ready
    • Haylage£20.00 Per week
    • School or Round Pen Lights£1.00 Per use
    • Exercise£10.00 Per hour

GRASS LIVERY: Only available for visiting mares

    • Barren mares – £25.00 Per week
    • Mares with foals – £30.00 Per week


    • Breaking / Schooling Livery – £150.00 Per week
    • Full livery (Horse not worked) – £80.00 Per week
    • Full livery (Ponies) – £75.00 Per week


    • Feed supplements – Extra at cost
    • Clipping – £20.00 Per hour (All clips or trimming available)
    • Schooling / Exercising – £10.00 Per hour

We have a large Tack area for liveries, which is locked and safe, it is split into individual sections for storage of your things.

There is also room for trailer or lorry parking.

All horses have to conform to our worming programme and must be kept in for 48 hours after worming. We supply the wormers at a very competitive rate.

All horses have to also conform to our de-lousing programme. This is every 6 months and at a minimal charge of £7.50 per horse (we administer for you).

We use the farrier, Justin Lomax, who visits us every 6- 8 weeks, if you would like your horse booked in for shoeing or trimming please let us know and we can arrange. Monies must be left ready for his arrival. Other Farriers are welcome to the yard though if you use or prefer someone else and arrange yourself.

We use Carmarthen Vet group. Other Vets are welcome to the yard though if you use or prefer someone else (but please let us know in advance in case of an emergency).

We have full training / breaking insurance and livery stable proprietors insurance. We do however advise individual horse and tack insurance as well to every owner, as we cannot accept liability of any loss, theft or damage to horse, person or equipment.

These prices and facilities are subject to various changes according to the current market and suppliers’ price increases. We do, however, always give one months’ notice before any increases are enforced. All owners’ must abide with, and sign our livery agreement and all rules apply.

Please also note that help and advice is always at hand here at Greenvale Stud and we will adapt as much as possible to ensure both the horses and owners are happy here. If you have any questions or problems please feel free to discuss them with me and we will help all we can.